1. What & Why?

I’m going to publish a post today. I’m not worried about how the blog looks. The reason for this post is to tell you all why I’m here.

Why do this?

The reason I’m doing this is to share my life and experiences in one centralized location, for the benefit of the readers. I believe we all can learn something from someone else, no matter what or who it is. 

If you can learn just one thing from me, I would consider this blog a success.

The wisest people can learn from the simplest things.

I have a firm belief in human potential and development too. I believe we have no known limits and can develop into whoever we want to come – no fairy magic bullshit, but hard smart work.

I’d like to say I’m always trying to get better… 

The reality is that some days are better than others.

I’ll be sharing obstacles, thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs, reasons and who knows what else on the abstract side. 

On the tangibles, I love finances and communication. 

Finances – business and investing

Communication – with others, especially our significant others. 

My main goal in life right now is to become financially independent through rental real estate so I can continue to pursue passions without being tied down from money constraints. The first milestone to that goal is 5,000$ a month from these properties.

I’ll be attacking this goal with various strategies and within 3 phases too.

I would love to connect with other aspiring individuals, and those who are just really cool, positive people. 

Not sunshine and unicorn people, but those who choose to take a positive and learning lesson from each situation.

Not turning a blind eye to negativity and evil, but choosing to focus on things that we can control.

This blog is going to be with me until the day I die, and I’d like to be posting daily no matter how busy productive I get.

It may not start out daily, but with some practice I know I’ll get there.

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