4. People change, and that’s okay.

Some for the better, some for the worse.

The fact of the matter is, is that we can – as individuals – choose either or. 

We can choose either or for anything in life.

Some examples: to get better as a person but worse as a chess player…

Or worse at listening to others and better at gossiping… 

We don’t have to get better at everything – just the things we want to get better in. 

And we don’t have to get worse at everything. 

To me, the most important part of my life I can get better in is being the best person I can be through learning and contributing. 

Your’s may be different – that’s okay too. 

The thing is though, if we don’t consciously get better at a specific set of things, the only option is to get worse.

We all know there’s no such thing as straightling in life.

And most importantly, we have to remember that we have the responsibility of working on ourselves and people have the responsibility of working on themselves.

For one to say another, you should do this or that or act like this or that – what does that accomplish? 

Like barnacles on a ship, scrape your own barnacles off – all of them (which is a never ending scraping) before trying to scrape off ‘barnacles’ on another ‘boat’

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