10. Fixed < Growth [Mindset]: 4 Steps

Step 1: Embrace the fixed mindset. 

I have a fixed mindset. We all do in some way or another.

Alas, we are human. 

The key is that we can actively pursue a growth mindset in [all] that we do, and participate in the fixed mindset less and less, reducing the amount of havoc and chaos it causes. 

Step 2: Become aware of our fixed mindset triggers → when does your fixed mindset “persona” come home to cause disarray? 

For me, it’s when I’m taking on a big or new challenge or when I’m under pressure. Do I have what it takes? I usually go in shut down mode and become distracted (which is way too easy, but it’s been easy to get distracted since the human race has been around let’s be real) . I feel like I can’t accomplish anything which makes me feel unmotivated.

My fixed mindset yearns to look like the person that can do anything and everything effortlessly. 

What’s a recent time you were triggered into a fixed mindset? What happened to trigger this persona? 

Most importantly, as we begin to understand our triggers and this fixed mindset persona, we must remember to not judge, just observe objectively. 

Step 3: give this fixed persona a name

My fixed persona’s name is Yobby. This is after my dad’s name Robert who held a fixed mindset with me and sports. I just threw the letter Y at the front end of it for no reason.

Quick and to the point: Growing up, I HAD to play football, I didn’t have a choice. Why? No clue. 

If it was up to me I probably would’ve raced dirt bikes or snowboarded – what sports I wanted to play wasn’t even talked about though, nothing what I wanted just what he wanted. 

So meet Yobby, the disabling, and debilitating  fixed mindset persona who sneaks into my subconscious mind and belittles me in more ways than one. Yobby HATES hard work, being wrong, and being worse than someone else – it’s always a competition. He loves coming around when I’m under pressure, out of my comfort zone, or experiencing self doubt causing me to stagnate and keep to myself in my little bubble. That’s where yobby finds peace, at a standstill. The thing is – this is a dynamic world always in motion and I’m either growing or dying. Yobby prefers to die a slow death than to experience any fears abundance of growth.

What’s your fixed mindset persona’s name? Someone you know personally? From a book or movie? A name that bothers you? 

Step 4: educate our fixed mindsets.

See, the more we become aware of our fixed mindset triggers, the more we can prepare and face this person head on…  

I’m about to step out of my comfort zone? Yobby, I know your coming but this [action step] is going to allow us to grow. Thank you for your concern but I promise we’ll be okay, I’ll take it from here. This may not work out, but let’s take a shot at it, can you do this with me? 

Or if I make a mistake and Yobby comes in blazing, feel myself that he is taking over and instead of letting him control me for hours and even days on end, let’s figure out what we learn from the situation and what we can do moving forward? I’m not so good at this – yet – but let’s give this next idea our all.

Our fixed mindset persona’s were developed to keep us safe, but they’re doing more harm than good.

Ways we can educate our fixed mindsets into growth: take challenges head on and sticking to them, bouncing back from failure, helping and supporting others, enjoying the journey vs despising it.

Albeit this is easier said than done (as with most things) but what if we actually just took up one of these things and it worked? Worth a shot. 

Everyone of us is on our own journey.

  • Accept we have both mindsets. 
  • Recognize what triggers our fixed mindsets 
  • We then can understand what happens to us when our fixed mindset persona is triggered. Who is this persona? What’s its name? How does it make us think, feel, or do? How does it affect others or the situation? 
  • We can then – overtime- learn to spend more time in our growth mindset place despite triggers and outside forces as we educate our shield of a fixed mindset
  • Teach others so we can help others.

The journey isn’t over once the fixed mindset is tamed. 

We need to keep setting goals, goals for growth because like we said life doesn’t stagnate. 

It’s constantly moving and we’re growing or dying as people. 

Everyday is an opportunity to grow and to help others to grow.

This concept was taken from the book Mindset: the new psychology of success by Carol S Dweck written from my own POV.

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