15. Plan Do Review

If our plan fails, rewrite it with another. If that plan fails, another rewrite.✅

Keep rewriting the plan until our goals become a reality 

no matter how many times it takes,. no matter what anyone says👌🏽

It’s the plan, do, review – that simple. [not easy]

But first we have to know what we want – what’s the goal that we’re striving for?

And after that question is answered –  before anything happens next, we need to make a REAL commitment to achieving that goal 

(which is an easy commitment because we figured out exactly what we want, right?)

A commitment as simple as – is this really truly what I [insert name] wants? 

Then come up with the best plan to achieve that desire. [The best plan with the knowledge we have at this point in time.] 

We know we’ll get better – better calls, making judgements, strategies, tactics, etc – as time goes on so let’s start with what we got now.

Do the plan – take action – whatever we call it is up to us. 

Then review the plan on an ongoing basis, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly whatever works.

I personally do weekly reviews with daily actions. 

Tweak it if needed  – let’s figure out a way to bring our goals to a reality because if we never quit and keep playing in this game of life, we’ll eventually win – however that’s defined for us.

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