20. Control Exerted to do Something or Restrain Impulses

That’s the definition of willpower – defined by google.

Some people think willpower will solve the trick to their issues

Or that enough willpower equals success in life [however one defines that] 

If only…

The problem is that will power isn’t an unlimited resource 

Will power gets drained like a battery and gets recharged as we sleep throughout the night just  like our cell phones. 

My Iphone lets me know what percentage the battery is at – currently it’s at 80%, in a few hours it will be down to 50% 30 % , 20% (low power mode) and dwindle all the way to 1%. 

That’s how willpower works 

if only we could have a percentage gauge to go off of.

But we don’t – the next best thing is to practice our willpower when the battery is fully charged

When it’s closer to 100% as opposed to closer to 1% 

On which end of the spectrum do you think our willpower will have a greater chance of success? 

Then prioritizing comes into play

At any rate, willpower will be most readily available in the beginning of our days, after a good night’s rest

so let’s make the best use we can out of the limited time – and limited resource – that we have.

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