42. Deal with it

There’s this dog in our neighborhood. Let’s call him Chase and his owner, let’s call her Maria.

Anytime chase sees ANYTHING he’ll begin to freak out and bark uncontrollably. 

I began talking to Maria eventually asking her what type of training she’s doing with chase to get rid of that tendency….

Maria explained, “I’ve tried everything so now we just deal with it’’

This. This is exactly why people don’t achieve what they want to achieve

or waste their life  away until they’re about to die and regret not having fully lived.

“I’ve tried everything so now I’ll just deal with it.”

Maria – have you persistently applied proven methods to rid your dog from his tendency no matter how long it takes? (No) 

Or are you determined to fix this part of your dog’s life? (no) 

Or are you willing to do whatever it takes to help your dog? (no)

See, persistently applying proven methods towards our goals

With a determination and willingness to do whatever it takes. 

These are a few elements I believe separate those that achieve ‘success’ and those that don’t 

Where else in Maria’s life is she just dealing with things? 

Please, never settle.

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