48. Not just once a year

Giving thanks it shouldn’t happen just one day a year 

Being thankful is a state of mind 

it’s who and how we are day to day 

Person A get’s pist off that someone cut them off

Person B is thankful for having a car and won’t need to take public transportation to work 

Person A has a freak out because their kid won’t listen to them 

Person B is thankful to have a kid after 10 miscarriages… 

The best part? We can change our state instantly 

We can go from the pist off person who freaks out daily to the person who is thankful every second for life 

And here are 5 steps to do just that (Tony Robbins calls this NAC) 

  1. What do we really want? (To be thankful)
  2. Get leverage – associate massive pain to not changing and massive pleasure to the experience of changing now (if i don’t change then I’ll keep having this anxiety and these regrets. If I do change my blood pressure won’t always be through the roof)
  3. Interrupt the pattern (once I feel myself getting worked up, I’ll immediately jump and spin around) *the point is to do something you don’t expect, something radically different then what your trying NOT to do 
  4. Create a new alternative (Instead of freaking out at other people, as soon as I feel that I am on edge, I will use that excess energy to build a plan for how I can make more money or surprise my S/O or take action on x,y,z)
  5. Condition the new pattern until it’s consistent (Rehearse this new pattern again and again in our minds eye, positively reinforce the new pattern after every successful diversion) 
  6. Test it! (Make sure the new alternative works)

This may take some time, just like when we were learning how to walk 

its something new and we’re not perfect 

Let practice be our teacher, so we can live a more thankful and grateful life.

And with that – Happy Thanksgiving. 

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