64. Busy V. Productive

80, 40, 20, 10, 5, 2 hour work weeks 

Which weekly hour input is most productive? 

Well that depends on the individual. 

Elon musk works 80+ hours a week and is massively productive with those 80 hours. 

The average person? (myself included) there’s a lot of lag time. 80 hour work weeks may adversely affect our results. 

Nowadays it’s admirable to work 80 hour weeks, to be busy. 

Busy and productive are two different things though. 

Busy is having a great deal to do. 

Productive is producing results. 

One can be busy and not productive, and productive but not busy. 

Something that helps with this productivity paradigm is the Prato principle 

20% of activities bring 80% of our results (productive) 

While 80% of activities bring 20% of results (busy) 

So what if we could get more done in less time by shifting our view on what “work” really entails? 

And what would we do with that extra free time? 

Go on adventures? Play with the kids? Hang out with friends? Read some books? Start a side hustle? 

The options are endless, 

but busy and productive are two different things.

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