81. Staying the Course

Believing in ourselves and trusting we are on the right path, and not letting doubt creep in by following the countless paths of those wandering in every direction…

this state of mind produces tranquility and contentment – according to Seneca, one of the greatest minds of his time

And we don’t need to be headed in the correct direction every step, that’s not what we’re after 

But we are after generally heading in the right direction, with some bumps, bruises, and wrong turns and directions along the way

And we don’t – ever – need to compare ourselves to someone else

Or to change our mind and life plan every other day because we found something new.

Instead, tranquility, peace, and contentment aren’t found by searching for an answer… 

These states are found by identifying our path and sticking firmly in our decision – reviewing our results and making frequent adjustments along the way as they come,

while ignoring the constant noise on the outside world that begs for our time and attention 24/7.

Staying the course.

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