89. Pro’s and Con’s

How often do we hear the advice to write a pro and con list?

To make some life changing decision just draw a line down the page and one side put pro’s and the other put con’s then we’ll be able to make a decision…

In theory, it sounds like it would be just what we needed 

But often our pro and con lists are skewed 

Depending on our thoughts, emotions, feelings, environment – we could lean to one side or the other and not necessarily mean too from a logic POV. 

“Well then you know your answer” 

Yeah true, but a skewed answer. 

Maybe it’d be better to have an idea circle – one where a number of people weigh in on the decision (even if just one other trustworthy person)

The support, perspectives, and ideas may go a long way and help us see something we didn’t see before. 
So yeah right the pro and con list, but ensure it gets run by a few people if it’s that important

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