91. Survival of the fittest

Pondering on the concept of nature has many lessons to be pulled, ones that we can learn as humans and apply these lessons to our lives. 

The one that rings with me today is survival of the fittest

In nature, there’s no handouts. 

Squirrels don’t line up to get their fair share of acorns 

Water doesn’t stop relentlessly plowing through rock 

The wind doesn’t ease up just because it’s about to knock a house down 

And that’s how we should view life – survival of the fittest 

In the real world, nobody cares about our feelings, our self esteem, or our need for significance

There’s no handouts even though we try to make them so… 

The nature of real life demands that we see the pursuit of happiness, success, and life as a competition and the winners are the hard-working, straight shooting, tough minded people who win that competition.

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