148. You know what to do?

Someone could give us the keys to ferrari 

9/10 people wouldn’t know how to turn it on though, or flicker the lights, let alone drive it. 

Having the keys is critical…

but if we don’t know how to operate the tool we’re screwed 

That’s how our minds are in a way too. 

Most people don’t know how to use their minds. 

That would be like our left arm continuing to punch us in the face and us doing nothing about it… 

That would never happen. 

But we do that exact thing with our minds all the time…

The best part is that all we need to do is make a millimeter shift in our perspective. 

An example could be that we can begin asking ourselves questions like:

What can I control here? How can I respond in a way that I want too? 

Vs reacting to every little thing. 

So next time we’re worried sick – what can I control here? 

Or we hear bad news –  How can I respond in a way that I want too?

And every time we ask this question…

 we know the answer is that  we can consciously control how we think about the situation at hand 

And choose to respond to it in a way that we would be proud of.

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