150. Mail order!

The universe, God, Higher Power, Mother Earth 

Whatever we call Her

We can all agree that she could be compared to a big mail order department because She constantly delivers us people, events, things, and situations at certain times, just like the post office does. 

And we get to “order” what we want by our thought patterns – the energetic messages that we send out into the Universe

The thing is, most of our energetic messages thoughts are habitual and based on our predominant beliefs. 

So based on the law of attraction, The Universe conspires to support us in any way that She can. 

But if we send mixed messages out to Her, how does She know what we want? 

Knowing what we truly want and desire is key to getting it, 

we can’t just kind of want something, we have to wholeheartedly yearn for it. 

Let’s take the time to figure out what we really want and then get after it. 

The rest will follow. 

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