158. Is our life the result of all the past decisions that we have made?

Is it safe to say that our life is the result of all the past decisions that we have made? 

Yeah, because it’s true. 

Every decision we make has led us to exactly where we are now. 

To go to college or not 

To go to that party 

To drink that beer 

 To read that email 

To be there for our family

To hit the snooze button

To try our best 

To speak 

And all these seemingly small decisions all string together and form this thing called our life. 

So to live a better life, a life that we want, we simply have to make better decisions 

Starting with the small decisions we make everyday 

Reading a good book instead of TV

Picking up that piece of fruit instead of a burger 

Starting a side hustle 

Exploring our city 

And we can start making these decisions that will improve our life, right this second 

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