176. Its’ Guaranteed

Be comfortable being uncomfortable 

No one likes to feel comfortable 

But feelings won’t take us to the top of whatever aspect of life we are trying to climb.

Because emotions rule logic. 

If we wait around till we feel like doing something, it most likely won’t get done. 

So when we feel uncomfortable, it’s just a feeling. 

Are we running from a saber tooth tiger? Then run faster 

Are we dealing with conflict? Maybe that feeling is off but our mind is associating this situation with the saber tooth tiger situation… 

(our minds can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality) 

Living a life of comfort is guaranteed to keep us in the same spot, or worse.. 

But if we can just push the boundaries of our uncomfortableness a little bit each day, pretty soon we’ll be in a drastically different position we are in now. 

It’s guaranteed

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