205. PDR

Plan. do. Review. 

That’s a big, albeit simple, model to live by 

Because first we need to have the courage to make a plan… 

We know plans may work, or they may not.. 

And if we never try we can never say we failed.. 

But if we never do something, we’ll never live the life we want. 

That takes time to figure out 

Most people don’t plan. 

Maybe it’s an easy way out, maybe it’s not 

But some sort of plan helps everyone in every situation 

“When i get home I do this, this and this” 

“After I wake up I do this” 

“When I pass away, I want this and this to happen” 

That last one is powerful. 

Because it causes us to face our own mortality 

And to plan for that event is to truly believe, understand, and accept that we are going to pass one day. 

To some thats scary, 

To others – it allows them to live. 

Each day is a blessing, let’s continue to learn from our past and strive to create the future we want. 

Because all we have is this exact moment in time. 

never give up, never give in 

We always have a choice 

The choice 

To keep going or throw in the towel 

In life, in sports, in anything 

But what if we kept going, even by just one small step forward 

And then another, and another 

Eventually we’ll have a string of steps that have taken us closer to our goal, whatever that may be 

So when the going gets tough…

And it’s definitely going to get tough, tougher than we even thought. 

Do we press on forward like a freight train

Or do we fold up like a lawn chair? 

And what’s crazy, it doesn’t matter if we train it or lawn chair it

Because that decision falls back on us…

we’ll be the ones dealing with it, no one else. 

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

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