208. Doing it

Some people want the end, the result, the glory 

But nobody wants to do the work 

Over the weekend I ran a 50 mile race with a week notice 

I’ve put in the work beforehand though and that’s why, I believe, it turned out to be a successful event for me, finishing my first 50 mile ‘trail’ race in under 9 hours. 

I’ve put in the work all those training runs i’ve done previously,

All those long bike rides I did… 

Granted I didn’t train specifically for this race, but I still put in some type of long cardiovascular work

Results speak for themselves

Are we putting in the work that needs to be put in to achieve our goals? 

Or are we just getting by? 

This goes for all areas too.

Like the class book written by Mr. Napoleon HIll states,

“Let’s tell the world what we intend to do, 

But first let’s show it”

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