213. Not choosing is still a choice

There’s so many decisions to make

Where to live, who we spend time with,

what to eat, how we move, 

what to do at work, at home, at school, with our kids

what we think about, how we’re going to make a living 

And within those decisions, there is an exponential number of choices 

Philly or florida? This person or that person? 

Burgers or plants? Pull ups or sit on our ass? 

Give our best or half ass shit? 

Thinking negatively or positively…

And the list goes on. 

In fact there’s so many choices and decisions to be made, that we often pick none at all. 


By not choosing – that’s still a choice. Remember that 

And by us not choosing, is that holding us back or keeping us moving forward? 

Well, time will expose all of us that’s for sure.

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