233. We know

We know we’re “supposed” to do things that benefit us:

  • eating healthy 
  • working out 
  • Mediating
  • Praying
  • Reading
  • Talk to family and friends 
  • Keep our finances in check 

And so many more… 

Knowing what to do is great because if we don’t know what to do we won’t do anything – how could we? 

But knowing isn’t enough 

In fact, it doesn’t even matter how much we know. 

“Knowledge is power” couldn’t be further from the truth 

Because knowledge is only potential power 

If we know things but never do them, what’s the good in that? 

So yes, it’s great to know what to do 

And that doesn’t cover the fact that we must do something in order to bring our desires into a reality 

But we don’t need to know as much as we think we need to know, just the most important next step, and then the next and so on. 

“Let’s tell the world what we’re going to do, but first, let’s show it. 

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