257. Putting goals, strategies, and tactics together

We know what goals strategies and tactics are

And we can use goals, strategies, and tactics to create that lifestyle by design

But we must remember that this process doesn’t happen overnight. 

The standard closing process is 60 – 90 day closings. Sometimes 30 days, sometimes even sooner. 

So when an offer of ours gets accepted, it’s still going to take 1 – 3 months to close on this property. Since we’ll be rehabbing the property, the work is going to take time. This could be another 1- 2 months depending on how extensive the process is. Ya following? 

It’s going to take 2 – 5 months just to buy and rehab a property, let alone find a renter, rent it out, and refinance it. 

Granted, there’s things to get done during that waiting period, however to get from point A completely to point B is going to take some time. 

We live in an instantaneous world though. 

One where we can order something from amazon and have it delivered often by the next day. 

We can message anyone anywhere in the world given a wifi connection in the matter of milliseconds. 

We can search for something on the internet and have billions of searches in front of us in nanoseconds. 

Waiting two to five months for one property to come to fruition may feel like forever. 

And with only about 200$ cash flow each month, why even bother with this? 

Because we know it’s worth it. It’s worth it to invest in this piece of property for all the number of reasons we know. 

Appreciation, cash flow, taxes, debt pay down 

And one property isn’t necessarily life changing, but what about 1 a year for 30 years? 

Or 2 a year? 

That’s some generational shifts happening amongst our families and our environment. 

We can be a force for good with the wealth we create, and if we know this information – we can consider it our duty to achieve financial independence. 

Whether we like it or not, the world revolves around money, we don’t need a lot of it to survive and we don’t need to spend all the money we make. Money is a tool, a tool that can be used for good or evil – in which we intend, with all of our hearts, to use for the good of society.

On another note, 

Our growth isn’t linear. 

We don’t need to buy one house a year for thirty years. 

What if we doubled it each year? 

Year one we buy one house

year two, two

Year three, four 

Year four, eight 

Year five, sixteen, 

Year six, thirty-two 

It becomes easier to perform the same task as we become better and more experienced.

It’s like anything, remember learning to ride a bike. At first, we’re wobbly falling every couple of feet, but after a few months we can start riding with no hands,

We just got to start, and the rest will follow. We can’t lose this “game” of life if we never quit. 

So let’s not quit and bring these goals to a reality with whatever it takes, however long it takes. 

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