259. Rome wasn’t Built in a day, but they laid brick daily

We talked about goals, strategies, tactics, and putting it all together 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the Romans were laying brick everyday, believe that. 

Our goals might not happen in a day, but we can take one step towards our goals each day. 

That’s where the power list comes into play, talked about by Andy Frisella. 

The power list is 5 critical, actionable tasks that take us one step closer to our goal. 

If we complete the power list, we win the day, if we win enough days, we win the week, the month, the year, and in life. 

Whatever my five current goals are determines how my power list looks. 

Right now, financial freedom and maintaining my health are the most important things to me.

My goals have three spots for finances and two spots for health and fitness. 

This forces me to do something everyday for this real estate goal. 

And here’s an update for today’s work. 

Let me preface this with: We are currently scheduled to close on my old home June 30th. This is important to get to closing because the cash that is tied up into the property is going to be used to acquire and repair door number 2. After door number 2 is rented out, we’ll do a cash out refinance, pull the cash back out, and repeat the process again. We received a clear close and our settlement notice, along with the mortgage commitment.

As for today, we sent the deed packages to the title company, which are the documents preparing to transfer ownership from us to them. Due to covid, only buyers and realtors attend closing.  We sent water and gas readings too, closing calculates and prorates both sellers and buyers. 

Here’s some background on the property too.

We bought this property in 2014 – it was a generational home. A big 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom 2200 square foot single family home located in the heart of bustleton in northeast philadelphia. 

A family friend is a broker in the area and found this home for us. We’re all in on this property for about $290,000.

My brother, our grandparents, and myself lived together for four years, then they moved out and got their own place. The generational thing was difficult to navigate but due to the brother being a minority, he needed to be under someone’s guardianship, hence the great grandparents stepping in. 

They moved right around the corner and we’ve kept close contact since, of course. 

Lot’s of memories in this house, growth, bangers, and it’s where I met Corie – mi amor – too. 

We put another 10,000$ into the home to prepare for sale, listing it at $370,000. We were hoping to go under contract for somewhere near $400,000, and are happy that we ended up closing for $410,500. 

To new memories. 

Ps the pricing for real estate is a strategy, Corie and I have a killer track record in selling homes quickly and for top dollar, if you need any help just give me a shout. 

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