265. What are your health and fitness goals?

Goals are what we want to achieve with us taking full advantage of taking the opportunity to paint onto the canvas of our minds the lives that we want to bring into existence. 

Strategies are how we are going to do something from start to finish, a plan of action. 

Tactics are the action connecting our strategies to our goals. 

And this concept can be applied to anything, and a recent goal I’ve been personally struggling with is health and fitness goal and I’ll be using my situation as an example and maybe while you’re reading you’ll find a nugget or two that better your life. 

Health and fitness is a tricky thing, it’s something that we encounter everyday, some days are easier than others, and not to mention all the conflicting information out there. 

So how do we decide on a goal? That depends. 

For me, health and fitness is a lifestyle. As far as I can tell in the foreseeable future, health and fitness is going to be a part of my life forever. We’ve talked about this before too, it’s a lifestyle not just something we do. 

That’s a different position then someone who doesn’t have that health and fitness muscle built up yet. 

The main difference I see is that person A knows a lot more about health and fitness, and has taken action on that knowledge vs person B who may not know what they do not know or hasn’t done the work to get them to where they feel that they may should be at. 

The main similarity though? Both people need health and fitness goals,

And this is where I’ve been struggling with, the goal – the where I’m going. 

Because everything is cool to me, I want to be able to run 100 miles, bike around the world, do 20 muscle ups on one finger with my eyes closed while inside a yoga ball all in rapid succession. 

But life doesn’t work like that. 

My goal for a few months now has been to run 100 miles. 

Things have come up throughout the months – the main one being loss of motivation – is that really what I want? 

I started to notice that I’ve lost my desire to get this goal done – not giving my all in training, not excited about it… 

So after talking to some people, why not just change the goal? 

But to what? Running was something that I identified with for a few years. 

Alas, running isn’t who I am, it’s an activity I enjoy, separate from me. 

Since my goal has been so sport focused for the past 3 years – run a marathon, run a 50 mile race, run a 100 mile race 

For this next goal, I wanted more flexibility to explore different areas of movement, and that new goal is now 365 hours of movement – about 2 hrs a day – for the rest of 2021. 

And man is that fire back. 

The main point of writing this: our goals can be whatever they want, we need to have goals though. 

And asking ourselves why we want to achieve something is a great way to figure out what goal needs to be put in place.

That leads us to understanding which strategies would be the most efficient and effective. I’ll continue to intermittent fast with healthy food for 4 – 5 hours everyday while eating only fruit till noon, and getting 120 minutes of movement in a day.

Which brings us to the top tasks we can do to get this goal done – every night I’ll prepare my workout and clothes for the next day.

As simple as that. What are your health and fitness goals? 

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