272. Priorities?

See, the word priority is defined as something that is more important than something else. 

We can only really have one priority 

Maybe one priority in each area of life, but only one. 

Some important areas of life said differently:

Health, wealth, love, and happiness

Physical, mental, social, spiritual

And we can pick whatever areas of life we want to be important to us, that’s the beauty. 

Even further – we could pick which area is more important than the other.

And when our priorities are aligned, we feel fulfilled – doing the most important things that matter to us

And picking one thing to focus on is a 20% activity too, 

The pareto principle states that 80% of the results come from 20% activities 

And here are some 20% activities that we could develop into our buckets:

  • Working out 
  • Eating healthy 
  • Building relationships 
  • Planning 
  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Creating 
  • Inspiration 
  • Meditation 
  • Praying 
  • Hiring 
  • Learning 

But let’s remember to pick one – MAYBE one in each area, but sticking to one. 

Gary Keller’s book the ONE thing is a favorite too, if you’re like me and need to be reminded of how important focus is, highly recommended. 

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