277. What’s the one thing we can do ?

If we try to do many things, we end up not being good at anything. 

Gary Keller talks about the one thing 

What’s the one thing that we can do (fill in the blank) 

Because there really is only one thing we can do, we can’t do two. 

Even though it feels more productive – the multitasker 

But the one who produces results? That’s the one who’s working on their craft, focusing on the one thing they want to achieve 

Focused efforts bring extraordinary results 

Our one thing has been to find and close on a home in a month, it looks like we got it

And we would have too, closing was for July 29 – by the skin of our teeth

But we took a turn

Backed out of the deal for a few reasons

But then our one thing became to find housing for the month of august to move that deadline further into the year 

And we got that now too. 

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