308. The Power list: a tool to help achieve your goals.

What’s the power list? 

  • 5 critical, actionable tasks that will move us forward in areas of our life or towards our goals. It’s not a to-do list. 
  • The goal: To complete all 5 critical tasks everyday. If all 5 tasks get completed, you win the day. 
  • The point: To win at life. Here’s the breakdown: win enough days, win the week, win enough weeks, win the month, win enough months, win the year, win enough years, then you are winning at life.
  • Here’s a wrench: once something on the power list becomes a habit, replace it with a new habit you are trying to build. 

And here’s what your power list could look like: 

  1. Drink a gallon of water 
  2. Eat veggies with every meal 
  3. Have only fruit until noon 
  4. Read 10 pages of a book 
  5. Do 60 minutes of workouts

And another example 

  1. Drink only water, tea, and black coffee
  2. Eat plant based foods only 
  3. Listen to 10 minutes of a podcast 
  4. Mediate for 10 minutes 
  5. Do a 1 mile run 

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