311. Emotions are just signposts

Negative emotions are a sign that something is off, that we need to work on something. 

These could be emotions like fear, discomfort, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt, inadequacy, overwhelmed, and loneliness.

And some positive emotions: 

Love, curiosity, appreciation, passion, determination, flexibility, confidence, cheerfulness, contribution, and life. 

And Remember: 

The quality of our life is a direct result of the quality of the emotions we consistently feel. (I heard Tony Robbins say that, what a great perspective) 

Here are 6 ways to master our emotional state: 

  1. Identify what we are feeling
  2. Acknowledge and appreciate emotions because we know they support us
  3. Get curious as to the message this emotion is offering 
  4. Get confident because we can handle any emotion 
  5. Get certain that you can handle this emotion today and in the future 
  6. Get excited and take action. 

And as a side note: 

Here are two common negative emotions I feel: 

  • Frustration

This emotion comes from feeling surrounded by roadblocks or some expectation isn’t being met. 

Message: This emotion might be telling me that I believe I could be doing better than I am right now.

Possible Solutions: Expect nothing from others and practice communicating clearly. Maybe find a role model, someone who has achieved the goal I want to achieve, and then copy them. We’re not reinventing the wheel, just repeating known steps that take us to the same goal. 

  • Overwhelmed

This emotion is about grief, depression and helplessness, that there is no empowering meaning for something that has happened.

Message: This emotion might be telling me that I need to reevaluate what’s most important to me in this situation or that I am dealing with too many things at once.

Possible Solutions: Decide the one thing to focus on.  If I need help, write down all the important things and put them in a list with my most important thing at the top. Tackle the first thing on the list, continue to take action until I complete the goal, or I’m in a rhythm. This is focusing on what I can control.

What are some emotions you typically feel?

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