313. When do you feel like your life batteries have been drained?

This could go either way and it’s interesting to hear some people’s response:

  • After a long day:
    • at work 
    • Of bickering 
    • With the kids or a family member 
    • That accident or  traffic jam 
    • Of the boss yelling 

These are some negative ways to drain the battery, what good comes out of being drained because of negativity? 

And this may be a reason why people escape reality with distraction, drugs, alcohol, etc. 

What if we drained our body with a positive connotation to it? 

After a long:

  • lifting session 
  • Running session
  • Creative session

IMO: Physical exercise is a great way to drain that battery. Long cardio sessions are where it’s at. Can you relate?

Our batteries are going to get drained one way or another,

Which way does your battery drain? Which way seems better to you? 

Drain it. 

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