315. What happens

What happens if we’re at our peak, the best we’ve ever been? 

It’s a trick question : a life motto we talk about is 1% better – so everyday we’re at our peak, just a little bit better than yesterday. 

That’s great in theory, practically it’s easier said than done. (As with most things – why is that?) 

We can use a some sort of weekly rhythm to help keep us on track:

  • Plan for the week, review the work 

And on a daily basis: 

  • Morning, lunch, and night routines.
  • 30-90 minutes focus times 

These are things that we can control – and if we do the things that we can control each day and each week….

That rhythm starts to happen. 

And the longer we can keep that rhythm going, the more opportunities we can expect to come our way. 

Because the harder we work, the luckier we get – right?

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