325. Someone’s got it worse 

We may act or feel like our problems are the end of the world 

But are they? 

Because someone always has it worse. That’s a fact. (And “worse” is highly opinionated) 

The point is: we could spend our days wallowing away at how this isn’t right or fair or just 

How we got screwed over, or how pissed off or sad we are. 

But in the back of our minds, we know someone has it worse. 

And that’s not to say that “it’s okay” 

It’s meant to put a clear perspective to a muddled view – is this really that bad? 

And there’s specific examples of people going through horrific events – and still making it out okay… 

From cancer patients to bear attacks to prisoners of war 

What if we looked to these examples in times of despair? To give us that little sliver of hope and maybe even some clarity

This too shall pass, 

let’s keep going and growing

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