329. Happy birthday! 

They happen once a year, and in the culture I grew up in – people say we’re getting older, “wiser”

Is that the case though? 

Are we getting wiser? Because if we’re not learning or growing we’re not getting any better (or any wiser)

Because wisdom comes with experience, not age. 

Another thing: people won’t admit their age or often make a little white lie about it. 

Our age is useful as a unit of measurement on how long we’ve been on this earth, but it has nothing to do with anything besides being used as that unit of measurement, which comes into play not that often. 

We can grow older in years and stay in a young mindset. Know anyone like that? 

Just because we’re 50 or 80 doesn’t mean we win in life. 

Wisdom and age are uncorrelated. The elders just had more time to acquire experiences 


because most people spend their days watching the news, bullshitting, complaining and that’s about it. 

That’s not wisdom. 

“You don’t look 80, you like maybe 40” could be a reality 

Age is just a tool to measure how many years we’ve been here and that’s about it. 

It doesn’t tell anyone how wise we are, how good we are, or how experienced we are. 

Building more and more experiences, gaining more and more insight. 

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