339. What better time 

We can start living the life we want when we’re ready 

When the time is right or once we have more time…

And that’s fine

But the other side of the coin (there’s always two sides – sometimes 3,4 or 5) is this:

Our time here is limited. Can we guarantee we’ll get around to our goals? 

“I’ll travel when I’m retired” 

We could, at least, start now – with what we got. 

“I can build intentional experiences in the meantime, maybe once a month” 

Just one small step

even going for a walk so that we can lose weight, right now

Or doing a few minutes of push ups here and there throughout the day

Even making a plan and taking action on that first step. 

on those days where we don’t feel like doing anything or want to just give us – it’s an opportunity. 

An opportunity to stay grounded in the now, to focus on the task at hand and doing the best we can, trusting that the work now will pay off later. 

We can focus putting our life off, the long road ahead of us, the next step and a million other directions 

Which would you choose and why?

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