359. Nothing is ours, so now what? 

“My car” “my girl” “my family” “my kids”

My my my 

People, things, this world – it’s fragile. Easily broken, but tough and resilient at the same time. 

People die, things break, people leave us…

And we can prepare for these moments. 

Not in a cynical way, but like one who prepares for a battle, the battle of life. 

We are fragile, we are mortal and no matter how strong, secured, and invincible something seems, it never totally is. 

Let’s remind ourselves of the idea of loss, specifically; that we can lose people. 

And loss is one of our deepest insecurities, but ignorance and pretending – or putting it off – doesn’t make things better. Why? Because when they happen, the loss will be all the more painful

A balance, 

Preparing for life while staying in the moment. 

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