390. Mental growth until it works  

Physically, it’s simple to challenge ourselves not easy 

We just have to do physically hard things. 

Workout, lift heavy stuff, stretch our muscles and joints, run..

That last part – running. 

At first glance, it’s a total physical activity 

But what about running in the rain? Or when it’s cold, hot, windy, what about running when we don’t feel like it? 

Running on tired legs, or we feel like doing something else.. 

See with workouts, it’s easy to half-ass it – to not give it our all, not contract our muscles, spend more time on our phones than we do moving…

But a mile is a mile no matter how you dice it up 

running will change your life, it has for me and millions of others…

and running could for you too, just give it a chance.

and if that doesn’t work

try something else like reading a book or sewing

keep making new plans until something works

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