401. Question one of twenty eight 

Did I achieve my goal this year? 

We should work with a definite yearly goal 

It’d help if this goal was a ‘subsection’ of the larger goal 

Someday I want to have total mind control (an ideal to always chase) 

In 5 years I can run 5 BIG foot races. (Because I believe running is more of a mental activity then a physical activity)

This year my yearly goal: run 100 miles + miles in less than 24 hours

And this month: back to back long runs

To this week: cardio daily. 

How’s it going? Race day is the last day of the year. So we’ll see. 


No alcohol this year. 

How’s it going? Day 315 no alcohol.

We can have more than one yearly objective, but too many may be too much.

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