405. Have I given all I could give this year? 

Question three of twenty-eight. 

There’s a story that rings a bell when I hear this question. 

Two pianists play the same song but sound different 

What’s the difference? 

One is playing the notes, the other is playing with his heart – giving everything he got. 

There is a difference. 

Have I played with my heart and given everything I’ve got this year? 

I’d like to believe so, but the reality is, in every situation, that most likely isn’t true. 

I could’ve given a little more at work, gone the extra mile instead of just doing the bare minimum 

Giving it all I got. 

I could’ve not reacted how I did in situations, dragging them on and holding them too close for too long. 

Giving it all I got. 

To give all of oneself, every second of every day – is an ideal

And ideal that I’m striving for, here’s to another opportunity to give my all

With a positive attitude 

Right now.

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