409. Have I procrastinated in any areas of my life? How much? 

Question five of twenty-eight.

PS: Procrastination decreases efficiency

PPS: Procrastination is delaying or postponing action; putting something off. 

Yes, reflecting back, I have. 

 I’ve pushed things off

  • “mosy-ed” through some days
  • Took the path of least resistance
  • “Got around” to things 

And looking back, 

I haven’t. 

  • Acted with urgency 
  • got my goals done 
  • Took the hard path 

Yes some days I slacked 

Yes, some days I got my stuff done,

More importantly; I’d love to have all days filled with more efficiency and urgency. 

Is it an ideal? Maybe. 

But one worth striving for..

And one that’ll be striving toward.

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