444. Does it matter that much? 

Obligations, invitations, requests, stuff people are doing – does it matter if we say yes or no to these things? 

Absolutely. It’s easy to say yes, let our time go away.

 It’s hard to say no. 

It’s even harder to say no to emotions, to anger, distraction, excitement – these turn into commitments like everything else. 

Yet we sporadically think, How can we get some time back? How can I feel less busy? 

With the power of no – no Thank You, No I can’t get caught in this spiral, no I just can’t. 

Maybe it hurts feelings, maybe it turns people off, maybe it’s not truly what we want to do… 

It’ll take work, but the more we can say no to things that don’t matter – the more we can say yes to the things that do. 
Designing our lives the way we want.

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