474. “I have to say something”

Resentment builds when someone comes in and tries to boss us around 

Don’t tell me how to think, how to dress, how to do my job 

Why? Because we’re independent people – at least that’s what we tell ourselves. 

But what happens if we disagree with something and we have to say something

What if there’s a plate of cookies in front of us and we have to eat one

We have to get angry, have to be depressed, have to be worried, sad…

And then a few minutes later something great happens and we have to feel excited or happy… 

It’s like we’re getting jerked around back and forth, up and down – something we would never let another person do to us. 

We’re not puppets that can be made to do this or that

Because we’re in control, not our emotions, not our reactions…


At least – that’s a goal, isn’t it?

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