482. Do we have plans to follow?

Having a plan to follow helps us in three different ways:

  • It simplifies decision making. When we have a plan to follow, decision making is a much easier task. It doesn’t come down too “well I feel like having this sweet” rather, “this isn’t in my plan”.
  • It frees up your time.  We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. People have been doing life before us, and people will be doing life after us. We just have to do what they’ve done long enough to see results in our own lives – this isn’t new age thinking – although certain things will get you to where you want to go faster or more efficiently, and not everything works for everyone. 
  • It ensures results: if something works for someone, it most likely will work for us. If someone adopted this lifestyle to lose weight along with this work out regime, stuck with it for two years and lost 150 pounds – what if we knew how they did it? Then we could try it and see if it worked for us. The same thing goes for running a race. There’s more than enough plans out there to run a marathon or an ultra marathon, to get six pack abs – the reason that the plan doesn’t work is not because it doesn’t work, but because we don’t follow through with it.

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