546. Plan accordingly

For long runs, we run for anywhere from 3-8 hours at a time. 

Races can be as longer as 24 or 48 hours – even longer 

But it all starts with the training, even before that 

It starts with planning 

When we go out for a 3 hour long run, we could just go out and run 

Or we could plan 

How many calories am I taking per hour? Fluids? Salt? 

How is the route I’m running? Out and back? Giant loop? Tiny loops? This is required because we need to refuel and rehydrate, do we have an aid station or are we relying on convenience stores? 

With endurance sports, if we come in under calories , under hydrated – it’s going to make for a bad time. Struggle, loss of gains. 

If we plan though and get it right, well the opposite would happen.  

It’s cliche: if we fail to plan, then we plan to fail. 

What a metaphor for life. 

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