574. 10 rules for career success 

  1. Specialize in a Small niche and develop a core skill. 
  2. Choose a niche that’s enjoyable, where we can excel and stand a chance of becoming a leader 
  3. Knowledge is power 
  4. Identify our market and core customers, serving them the best 
  5. Identify where 20 percent of effort gives 80 perfect results 
  6. Learn from the best 
  7. Become self-employed early on in our career 
  8. Employ as many net values creators as possible 
  9. Use outside contractors for everything but our core skills 
  10. Use capital leverage 

Choose our field narrowly. The niche that is made for us. Success needs knowledge, and insight into what delivers the greatest customer satisfaction with the least use of resources. Find that 20 percent of resources that get us 80% results. Early in our career, learn all there is to learn. Do this by working for the best firms and the best Individuals within them. Best is relative to our niche. 

Then, obtain the four forms of leverage: our own time, self-employed to capture 100% of our value, employ as many net value creators as possible, and contract out everything that we’re not several times better at doing. In that order. 

This is how we can turn our careers into firms

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