632. feeling drained?

At the end of the day, sometimes we may feel drained 

(It may even happen in the middle of the day) 

What do we do? Usually slog on – it’s what happens, we’re supposed to do this. 

But what if instead of slogging on, we took a reset. 

Kind of like a morning routine 

Something to change the mood, boost our energy, get the blood flowing. 

The reality is, we slog through the day because of our thoughts and the state that we are in. 

If we’re sloggin’ and a grizzly bear comes up to attack us, no matter how tired we are, we would do everything we could to run away – a flick of the switch

It’s not a grizzly bear anymore but maybe it’s the work we’re supposed to be doing. 

Let’s take time to reset, lift our mood, boost our focus and getting after it 

A reset could be a nap, workout, shower, coffee – anything

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