634. Creating, Analyzing, Doing

Ever build plans? 

Most don’t, they just let their ideas, wishes, and drama bounce around in their head like marbles in a bag. 

We all start with a blank sheet, and those that build plans – what do they do?

They take the opportunity…

The opportunity to paint onto that canvas…

to type words on that document…

Because what’s being build – it’s a plan, a vision

Which will be a reality at some point if we actually stick with it and do what we say we’re going to do

Isn’t that beautiful? 

And this may help:

Build plans in two phases:

  • Phase 1: create 
  • Phase 2: analyze 
  • Phase 3: execute 

And repeat. 

The reason this helps is because it’s two different parts of our brains going on

It’s hard to create and analyze something at the same time – let alone trying to do all three. 

Complete phase 1, let the air out, get the blood pumping, process, and later go into phase 2: analyze.

Then there’s nothing left but to move onto phase 3. 

It works.

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