645. the idea vs the act

Maybe it’s Liking the idea vs the act

Anyway, That ever happen to you?

You like the idea of something, but when you do it you realize that it isn’t what you thought it was. And the crazy part is: you could STILL THINK that X is fun, and do it again, again, and again – and you end up unsatisfied repeating the same process over and over.

Here’s 2 examples from me:

I used to smoke cigars. Why? I liked the idea of hanging out, puffing a stogie, the idea of the taste and the smoke, the image it portrayed but when I’d rarely be in that situation to smoke a cigar, after a few minutes I realized it wasn’t what I thought it was. The nicotine drove me nuts, I tasted like an ashtray, and I was already relaxing without the cigar – it didn’t do anything besides ruin my taste buds. Eventually I didn’t think the idea of smoking a cigar was fun and haven’t really smoked any since. 

And Another 

The act of drinking seems fun, putting a shot or two back, maybe a few beers – loosen the joints, feel good in the moment, good times

But when we drink too much, what happens? We wake up feeling like shit that lasts hours or even days. We get behind on things that we wanted to get done. 

Maybe, just maybe, we like the idea of drinking more so than the act? Writing about it, we don’t need to drink to relax or have a good time, it’s just like the cigar thing (but maybe alcohol makes us feel better) 

It’s interesting this topic, the idea of something vs the reality of the action and how we feel in the moment.

Where does this concept cross reference?

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