680. Perspective shift


Is 25$ expensive for a pair of socks? 

Some say yes, some say no 

Others ask questions and do the hard work to find the answer 

Yeah there are questions like what’s it made of, what’s the design, the shape 

But more importantly, why do I need the 25$ pair of socks? What am I going to use them for? How is it going to benefit me? 

To the average person, 25 for a pair of socks is Ludacris 

To someone who’s an ultra runner, thru-hiker, or even deployed somewhere 

The moisture-wicking, seamless design could be the difference between having your feet all blistered and battered up, excruciatingly sore….

Would it be worth the 25$ then? 

Or is it still better to use the cheap pair of socks and then suffer the consequences days or weeks after? 

Up to you, 

I bought the socks with a push from the lady, thanks for the perspective shift

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