697. Learning is an art: Trunk Method

Learning things is an art 

How we interpret what we’re experiencing 

What to make of it 

And when we want to learn something new, we can go about it in a methodical way 

Or a half-hazardous way 

A way to go about learning new things is the trunk method 

We start with the main components of what it is that we’re learning 

The principles of what it is 

With the alternative which is to learn about the twigs first, the details that come randomly about 

In health, the keto diet would be a twig 

Eating healthy, and moving often would be trunks

The hammer curl is a twig 

Having a strong functional body is a trunk 

Start with the trunk and the rest becomes more easily understood 

But start with the twigs, and the details could snuff that fire that we’re trying to grow.

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