746. How to close out the year

Do you set new years goals? 

And Do you stick to them goals?

Closing out the year is a tad different

It’s looking back on the past year wins 

  • Doing an annual self analysis – checking in
  • The Bylr course (I’ve signed up for Jesse Itzler’s course a few years ago and just use the same workbook, it has great prompts and perspectives) 
  • Fear setting for the up and coming year (from Tim Ferris) 
  • Misogi for the year – this is like a New Year’s resolution, but IMO better because it works for me. My misogi this year is the PA Black list 
  • Top 5 yearly goals 
  • Kevin’s rule / trip planning (a new experience every 2 months – it gives you a guaranteed 5 new experiences for the year) 
  • Yearly Finance meeting 

And lastly 

  • Any request offs from work – trips, holidays, birthdays 

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