750. how do we get to wildwood?


Building plans – it’s the gps for our life. 

It’s how we get from point a to point b 

From Philadelphia to wildwood. 

It’s a simple set of directions, turn here then there. Eventually you’ll get to WIldwood. 

Life’s more dynamic but the process is more or less the same. 

Do this action over time to get that end result. 

And the end result can change. 

Maybe we want a six pack but then we find out all the work involved and the diet and realize that we just want to look healthy. 

Maybe we start out in this career but end up in that career. 

That’s okay. 

Knowing what we want is more important than how to get there. 

Because if we really just want a happy family, working 100 hours per week is going to cause a rift.

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