753. building relationships

We all have someone whose relationship just isn’t there.

It wasn’t just one thing either 

It was a bunch of little things added up. 

Maybe it was: 

Thousands of nags or lies 

Criticizing or condemning

Selfish reasons, personal problems 

Not seeing eye to eye 

The relationship breaks down

To nothing. 

Whatever the reason was, no matter how long it takes (1000 years?) eventually there comes a time when it’s worth pursuing building that relationship back up again. 


Just because we’re ready to build the broken into thousand piece relationship, doesn’t mean they are. 

Most of the time, people try to build a broken relationship but the opposite happens 

they continue to withdraw out of the emotional bank account – the accounts have been negative for years though. 

An apology is a great place to start. Maybe a text here. An invite there. 

And after a few years, maybe the relationship gets back to what it was. 

But thirty texts a day? Not gonna work. 

It’s building the million broken pieces back together piece by piece.

Not putting it back together in one shot.  

If it’s worth pursuing, then start down that long ass road.

And if it’s not, then don’t. 

But don’t fake that shit either – because that person will figure it out. 

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