788. Use the Life map To change your life

Self help tool: the Life Map gives me inspiration and motivation to get better.
This is my life map.

A way to change our life.

How? not just by writing our goals down, but by planning them out too.

To look at our life from a birdseye view 

To see where we want to go someday 

And breaks all the way down to what we have to do today to achieve that someday goal 

When we need to make a decision we can go back to that life map – does this make sense? 

When we lose hope – what am I doing this for? 

Its a tool – one thats worked for me and can work for you too 

A hammer won’t put a nail into the wood without being used 

A gun won’t kill someone without being used 

This tool won’t help without being used. 

Use it!

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